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JAN 15 2011. First and only Ocean rowing catamaran in the world, "Big Blue" starts it's maiden voyage,from Tarfaya,
Morocco, to Port St. Charles, Barbados.

No motors or sails, Big Blue is entirely human powered. The crew of 16 will row 2 hours on and 2 hours off, for the nearly 1200 hours they are at sea. They will be rowing non-stop and unsupported!It took 48 days and 13 hr's to cover the distance 3168 Miles (5098 km).


Sea trials: November 2010, Shelter Island. New York

Construction picture


PROMO Life is But A Dream - Sea trial and training

PROMO Life is But A Dream - Big Blue Row

Big Blue Row  

Big Blue Row 2011 from Shebafilms Kelly Saxberg on Vimeo

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